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Advanced power conversion and control system Contractors
Recent R&D Project: BellSim

World first proof of concept machine to simulate the rope motion and forces of an English Church bell. Designed and built to industrial automation standards where the bell motion is entirely simulated in software within a Siemens S7-1200 PLC. A high performance servo motor controls the rope position while a strain gauge loadcell is used as feedback to provide the bell ringer with a realistic experience. Can simulate any bell weight and characteristics in a small compact package with a remote touch screen user interface.

Similar techniques can be used to simulate other machinery or objects and to produce smart sensors where actual measurements are difficult.

For more information and video clip about this interesting project see here.

BellSim Complete.jpg

At Opus, we offer the complete contracting and consultancy service for advanced variable speed drive, power conversion, electrical engineering and control systems to equipment manufacturers and end users.


With a focus on research and development, design and problem solving, we operate in all market sectors including industrial automation, renewable energy and low power generation systems.


We offer a wide range of professional contract services including: feasibility studies, basic design, specification, electrical design, operational software, equipment supply, system test, commissioning and service.


All work is implemented to comply with the relevant Client specific, National or regulatory standards and all work is carried out within our ISO9001:2015 quality framework.​

Specialist consultancy assistance is available to users and machinery manufacturers to solve control problems, specify systems, select components and third party integrator's together with professional advice at all times. We are variable speed drive, power conversion and control system experts who will act on your behalf.

We can operate as part of your multi-disciplined development team to take relevant responsibility and provide the expert knowledge required for successful projects, using the latest power conversion and control technologies available from a wide range of manufacturers.

We work with Clients world-wide using internet based communication services where appropriate to save on travel costs and minimise carbon emissions.


Additional services include computer modelling of applications and control systems to allow complex control algorithms to be rapidly developed and ensure that proposed equipment is suitable for the application.


We  are specialists in Siemens industrial drive equipment including S120 and G120 products together with S7 PLC and the TIA Portal programming environment.

Work in new market sectors welcome, for example vehicle and marine electrical propulsion systems. 


Collaborative ventures welcome with academic institutions or end users, for new product development.

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Industrial Automation Systems
  • Complex line drive systems.

  • Web transport systems including advanced centre winders.

  • Unwind and rewinding.

  • Manufacturing sectors including paper, plastic film, cable and metals.

  • Advanced industrial automation using PLC and variable speed drives.

  • System upgrades and new machinery control systems.

  • Commissioning, troubleshooting and consulting services.

Renewable Energy Systems

Power conversion, variable speed drive and control systems for:​

  • Wind turbines.

  • Tidal turbines.

  • River hydro plants.

  • Energy storage systems.

  • Hybrid power plants.

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