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BellSim Windows App

Introducing a new Windows PC based application using a high speed data feed from the BellSim controller. The data feed is of sufficient speed to allow real time display of rotating bell animations, rope forces and other useful ringing performance information.

The Windows App clearly displays information to the user using digital numbers, gauges and real time charts. The App is fully touch screen compliant for use on full HD touch enabled Windows PC's. Includes built in context sensitive keypads to allow BellSim to be configured and controlled as required without using a traditional mouse and keyboard. Proven to operate simultaneously with AbelSim with no issues on the same computer with dual screens.

The Windows App is very much a work in progress but early results are promising and based on the wide range of information within the BellSim controller will provide useful ringer performance information. Innovative features such as printable reporting and emails are completely possible to allow beginners to advance in a structured way using performance milestones for example.


The ultimate aim is that the Windows App will have the ability to completely replace the existing small touch screen HMI to provide an advanced user interface to BellSim. Using a larger screen will allow more space for additional features such as help texts to assist with using BellSim. The sky really is the limit with the BellSim Windows App !

Sample Windows App images are shown. Hover over or click on an image to display the image viewer and show descriptions.

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